Staff and Board

The hard work and generosity demonstrated by our staff, volunteers and donors make a huge impact in our southeast Georgia communities for those struggling with food insecurity.  Through America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia’s programs and partnerships we continue with our mission “to end hunger and improve people’s lives”.

Tom Pace, President
Executive Director
Mary Jane Crouch
912.236.6750 ext 2011
Development and Communications
Marketing & Communications Manager
Stephania Brown
912.236.6750 ext 2012
Grants and Administrative Specialist
Emily Dietrich
912.236.6750 ext 2001
Social Media & Events Coordinator
Shanon Wise
912.236.6750 ext 2013
Development Manager
Mollie White
912.236.6750 ext 2098
Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Thomas
912.236.6750 ext 2027
Financial Analyst
Sheila Sellers
912.236.6750 ext 2098
Human Resources & Donor Services
Alison Mahoney
912.236.6750 ext 2041
Food & Beverage Director
Sarah Maier
912.236.6750 ext 2091
Floyd Jackson
912.236.6750 ext 2091
Director, Kids Cafe
Angie Johnson
912.236.6750 ext 2019
Kids Cafe Coordinator
Tania Powell
912.236.6750 ext 2028
Kids Cafe Coordinator
Stacey Senn
912.236.6750 ext 2309
Director of Operations
Eric Thompson
912.236.6750 ext 2026
Logistics & Safety Manager
Tommy Roberts
912.236.6750 ext 2910
Programs Manager
Annisa Rainey
912.236.6750 ext 2020
Agency Relations Coordinator
Emily Good
912.236.6750 ext 2021
Agency Relations Coordinator
Paula Hall
912.236.6750 ext 2014
Agency Relations Coordinator
Tonya Eason
912.236.6750 ext 2024
Food Procurement Coordinator
Penny Guild
912.236.6750 ext 2017
Volunteer Coordinator
Aaron Barr
912.236.6750 ext 2089
Distribution Coordinator
Jodi-Ann Donnelly
912.236.6750 ext 2023
Inventory Coordinator
Dominique (DJ) Johnson
912.236.6750 ext 2909
Southeast Branch
Brunswick Distribution Center
Community Relations Coordinator
Kalista Morton
912.236.6750 ext 2121
Glynn County Program Coordinator
Debbi Denis
912.236.6750 ext 2121
Warehouse Manager
Jamane Scott
912.236.6750 ext 2120
Board of Directors
Tom Pace, President
Thomas & Hutton, CFO
Susannah Pedigo, Vice President
The Pedigo Law Firm, P.C.
Miller Glover, Treasurer
Daniel Umbel, Secretary
Merrill Lynch
Andrew Lynch, Past President
LYNCH associates architects, PC
Erica Backus
Savannah Chamber of Commerce
Mark Bennett
Gary Bocard
Prudential, Retired
Karen Bogans
International Paper, Manager of Mills Communications
Lawrence Dorman
Community Leader
Danielle Canfield Dufresne
Publix, Store Manager
Lindsay Harlander
Community Leader
Myra Hill
Quentin Marlin
Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams
Jamie McCurry
Georgia Ports Authority
Sylvaine Neises
Community Leader
Lisa Pinyan
LS3P Dawson
Mark Thompson
Choate Construction Company